Breaking Free from the Spiral Bound

The explosion of the Digital Age and the use of the internet has created a shift in the way we learn. No longer can we only rely on textbooks to get all of the information we need. With rapid change happening in the world around us each and every day, we need a way to continue our education constantly. The internet has wonderful sources of information that we can use to further our individual educations. The question is: How do we harness and use all of the information available to us? We hope this website can be a help to you in doing just that.

There are countless amounts of tools out there on the web to help you to search, learn, grow in understanding, teach, present, and so much more! We have organized some of the wonderful tools that we have found useful in our digital learning here, according to the following three categories:


With so much information on the internet, how do you effectively search, filter, and monitor your consumption of it in this digital deluge of info? These tools are here to help you in consumming information on the internet in a variety of different ways.


Looking for tools to let loose your creative side? Tools in this category give you the ability to create unique contributions to the world through the internet. Whether you are looking for new presentation tools, a way to express yourself and your ideas, or you simply just want to have a little fun.


The internet is a way to interconnect with others all over the planet. These tools help you discover ways in connecting with others who share the same passions, ideas, or values as you, and can help you to find better sources of information on the internet.

Check out these useful tools.

Explore the many different ways you can add your wonderful ideas to the digital world.

Here are some tools to begin finding others to collaborate with from all over the world.

Popular Tools in Consume include:

Google Reader

Popular Tools in Create include:


Popular Tools in Connect Include:


If you have a digital tool that is not yet added to the lists under Consume, Create, or Connect, there is a way that you can add your tool to the appropriate category. Just go to the appropriate page, hit the edit button at the top, and add your tool to the bottom of the list, including a link to the tool and a small description of what the tool does. Working collaboratively on this site will make it a "go to place" to find useful digital tools online.

This wiki website developed out of a History class at Brigham Young University, given by Dr. Gideon Burton and Dr. Daniel Zappala, Fall Semester 2010. Many of the tools and the ideas for "Consume, Create, and Connect" were originally presented by these two professors. They helped us to see that History connects to all of us, and influences our thoughts and our very way of life. To see how History has influenced the way we learn in this day and age, see our "History of Learning" page that gives a timeline of some of the major events and inventions in Histoy related to learning and gaining knowledge.

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If you would like to see a different format of all the wonderful tools we are gathering on this website, check out our blog format site, where you can search for tools by using the tag cloud on the side of the blog: